A Piece for The Balloon Project

0 Jeju is a volcanic island off the southern tip of South Korea. It is the home of 해녀 (haenyeo), the sea-women, the free divers who gather seafood for a living.   1 Mainland Koreans who saw commercial potential of Jeju migrated to the island at a rate of more than 1,000 people a month. … Continue reading A Piece for The Balloon Project

If not capital

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to present at a student panel held as part of Summer Writing Program at Naropa University, Boulder, CO. The week's theme was "If not capital: the other side of forest." Although the panel was video recorded and archived, I'm also sharing my script here (I'm terrible at improvising & … Continue reading If not capital

Rant about awkwardness

Onto-something. Ontology of becomings rather than (fixed) beings. Protean self. What is self other than relations (including negations and dispositions that are dependent on already existing language and semantics—Descartes thought in French). It is an illusion, the binary between the body and the consciousness. It is an illusion that there is linear time, like space … Continue reading Rant about awkwardness